Funds to support civilian events

Primary or Alternate CWF members from each organization can submit to the Fund Manager the Funding Request Form with Director's signature during the timeframes noted below to obtain funds to support spring/summer and/or fall/winter events (organization day, picnic, holiday party, etc) for the purpose of supporting civilians.


NOTE: As of June 18, 2014, the CWF Council approved agencies to elect distribution of funds once or twice a year. Effective July 2015, Council increased the funding amount, based on manpower numbers, as stated below:


(These values represent two distributions a year. For one time distribution, double the amount)

MANPOWER: 500+ = $400, 200-499 = $275, 50 - 199 = $150, 49 and under = $60


March 1st - 25th

Submit during this timeframe to receive financial support for spring summer civilian events.


September 1st - 25th

Submit during this timeframe to receive financial support for fall/winter civilian events.


Funding Requirements

Receipts covering the amount of funding distributed must be submitted to the Fund Manager following the event. An annual report is due to DFAS to include all receipts. Failure to submit receipts will exclude that agency from receiving funds in the future.

AR215-7 Fund Authorizations

AR215-7 authorizes the use of these funds to cover the cost of food, DJ/music, entertainment, etc.  These funds are not authorized to be used for door prizes.

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