Outstanding Civilian Service Award

This bi-annual award allows all DoD civilians to be nominated by their peers and then the top six selectted by Fort Lee leadership. This prestigious award offers a one-of-a-kind coin in mahogany box that comes with a framed certificate.  The award to presented by Fort Lee's Deputy to the Commanding General, Mr. John Hall.

Mahogany Coin Box

This is a one-of-a-kind custom cherry coin box was made exclusively for the Fort Lee Outstanding Civilian Service Award.

      Custom Coin

This is a one-of-a-kind custom coin made exclusively for the Fort Lee Outstanding Civilian Service Award.

       Recognition           Certificate

Mr. Hall's award presentation includes a framed custom Certificate of Recognition for their dedication and quality of service they provided to ensure mission success.


- The recipients of this award are also featured in Fort Lee's newspaper, The Traveller. Each recipient also receives the latest custom one-of-a-kind civilian lapel pin, made exclusively for Fort Lee CWF.


-  Fort Lee's top senior civilian, Mr. John Hall, also sends out a mass email congratulating the award recipients on being awarded this prestigious award.


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