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The Fort Lee Civilian Welfare Fund (CWF) is a non-appropriated fund (NAF) activity which is funded by income from vending machines on post to finance or subsidize recreational and morale building activities for federal and NAF employees assigned to Fort Lee.


CWF operates based on Army Regulation 215-7, which allows for support to Department of Defense, Department of the Army and NAF employees.



The CWF consists of a Fund Manager appointed by the Garrison Commander. Elected board members by the CWF Council consists of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Program Manager and Secretary. Advisory positions include a member from the Staff Judge Advocate's Office (SJA) and the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).



Leadership from each organization, in which the majority of the workforce is made up of civilian employees, appoints two employees.  One to serve as the Primary Member, who will act as liaison between the CWF and their agency civilians. 


Additionally, the primary member is responsible for requesting support for their retirees and funds for their organization and accounting for those funds through the submission of receipts, as required by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).


The second employee is appointed as an Alternate, to serve as back up or to assist the primary member.



Fund Manager - Susan Garling

Chairman - Barbara Vonada

Vice-Chairman - Lesley Atkinson

Secretary - Carrie Williams

Assistant Fund Manager - Holly Allman


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